Monitor your Servers Uptime and Response time on your iPhone and iPad

Uptime Bot check your Uptime Robot monitors and display useful informations and graph directly on your device.

Available on the App Store
For any questions regarding Uptime Bot, send-me an email at [protected email address]

Start or Pause a monitor

To pause or start a monitor in Uptime Bot you can stay pressed on a monitor into the list (1) or click on the uptime icon (2) in the monitor details view.

Pause or start an Uptime Robot monitor

Use 1Password to store your API Key

Uptime Bot and 1Password integration

Uptime Bot can retrieve and validate your API key directly from your secure 1Password vault.
Storing your API key (s) into 1Password permits to login faster and in case or your have multiple accounts, switch between them easier.
First, launch 1Password and create a new connexion identifier and fill-in with the data below.
Two fields are important, the password who store your API Key, and website permits to Uptime Bot to search for identifiers, but differentiate it from other regular website identifier.

field description
name You can add API Key to the name just to differentiate it from the website connexion identifiers.
username Put what you want or can be left blank (not used).
password (required) Your Uptime Robot API Key.
website (required)