BlueSense Release Notes

BlueSense v1.3.1 (1657)

  • Fixed an issue for users using a version of macOS prior to 10.12.
  • Fixed an issue with “Fast search” who could crash the app on some systems when device is “out of range”.
  • Stability and general improvements.

BlueSense v1.3 (1606)

  • Bug fix in Mojave that prevented the app to launch correctly because the UI tried to update before the device was connected.
  • Scripts for in or out of range state are no more triggered twice, to avoid triggering the same script if the other script was not triggered.
  • Added a tooltip on the menu bar button to check the current state without opening the popup.
  • The Additional script can only be triggered after "out of range" script.
  • Lots of other connection improvements.

BlueSense v1.2 (1503)

  • Improvement of the algorithm, better responsiveness.
  • Enhancement of the signal graphic (Adapts to different levels). Device disconnections are now visible on the graph.
  • Reduced the delay at start, BlueSense executes without verification if the device is disconnected.
  • Added a button to automatically tune the limit level (slider). Place your device at a usual position and press this button to adjust. You can always adjust manually with the mouse or left and right arrow keys.
  • Few improvement of the interface.
  • The disconnected script doesn’t trigger if the user was active on the mac 10 seconds ago to avoid disconnection when you are working. If you are active, BlueSense continues to check normally after your predefined interval.

BlueSense v1.1.4 (1370)

  • The additional script is no longer triggered if BlueSense is paused.

BlueSense v1.1.3 (1365)

  • AppleScript Text files can now be selected when you choose the scripts to execute (.applescript).
  • Succeeded to catch the villain bug that some of you have met sometimes.
  • The additional script is now triggered only once (after the last signal lost event).

BlueSense v1.1 (1333)

  • Improvement of the Bluetooth signal verification algorithm.
  • BlueSense requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later.
  • Improved interface for Retina display and animations.
  • Added an additional script that runs when the device is lost for a long time.
  • Added options to delay the execution of the scripts.
  • Added an option to not to delay the execution of the script when the application starts.
  • Added an option to deactivate only the verification sound (bip).
  • Added additional settings via the command line.
  • Improvement of the accuracy and performance of the Bluetooth signal graph.
  • AppleScript errors are now reported in the system console.
  • Resolved the problem when the popup hangs at opening on some systems.
  • Added some shortcuts to control the app with the keyboard
  • You can now put BlueSense in pause by clicking on the device icon or on the menu bar icon (Alt key).